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Solo Live Looping

Georgia Rae performs solo, alone on stage with a pedal board and some fancy footwork. She loops the tracks right in front of you and builds each song into flight with beautiful sounds, grooving bass lines, and mystic fiddle solos. Come looking to answer your curiosities and leave inspired and full of creativity.

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Georgia Rae Family Band

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Georgia Rae Family Band has always pushed the envelope of traditional music creating a mix of Americana, contemporary folk, roots, and a little jazziness, flavored with sister harmonies and youthful energy. Their original songs are cleaver, catchy and strung with meaning and life lessons. The family consists of Georgia Rae on fiddle and mandolin, Kelly Jo on lead vocals and ukulele, Mykal Baas on guitar, and Trevor Mooney on bass.


The Box Band

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Some bands play shows, some bands make memories. With hundreds of performances spanning the last 8 years, The Box Band is well experienced in making memories for audiences young and old. The quintet (Drums/Fiddle/Guitar/Mandolin/Bass) plays a unique blend of bluegrass/folk/blues that always leaves audiences wanting more. The band prides itself on not only delivering a high quality musical experience but also an engaging one that makes everyone in attendance feel like they are part of the show. Playing everything from festivals, weddings, parties and corporate events, the band is ready for anything. We can't wait to bring our huge list of fun covers and originals to a stage near you!

More about G Rae

Georgia Rae has had a love for the violin since the age 5.  A lot of her enthusiasm as a child came from the joy it brought to her when she would play daily with her mom. The two of them would work together for the next 13 years to prepare for fiddle contests throughout the United States. She has won 7 state championships, and one national twin fiddle championship. At age 12 started performing with her family band to fund music lessons when her dad got laid off from his construction job. With performing came the opportunity to teach private lessons, helping her realize that teaching and performing were her passion. In High school, Georgia Rae studied online so that she could have more time to practice and find gigs. She unknowingly started paving a path towards independence and entrepreneurship, going all in and learning along the way. Georgia Rae is now a full time musician and teacher providing private lessons, workshops, and performing with many musical projects.

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