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Sunshine Strings

Ever since I started playing  violin at age 5, I have been enthusiastic about sharing my music with others. Throughout my childhood I gained experience by performing with my family band and competing in fiddle contests all over the country. Now as a young adult, I teach privately and in group sessions in person or online as well as perform in numerous bands.

My goal is to help students of all ages expand the creative mind and think of their instrument as a vehicle of self expression. I hope to help cultivate a community of players who will inspire each other to grow in character and musicianship.

G Rae's Jam Camp 2024

  • July 8,9,10 from 10am to 2PM

  • performance July 10 at 7:00pm

  • located at Seno K/RLT Conservancy in Burlington, WI

  • ages 9+

  • $150 per person

  • all instruments welcome!

At G Rae’s Jam Camp you will learn how to play with fellow musicians, improvise, and arrange songs in various styles. Participants will be split into 5 piece bands and get the chance to work with three different teachers and full time musicians. Georgia Rae has invited her bandmates, Trevor Mooney (bass) and Michael Morgan (guitar) to join her in teaching this years camp.

meet the teachers:

Michael Morgan 

Mike Morgan has been playing music since the age of 15 and has been performing professionally for the last 15 years.  His love for playing music started on the guitar and over time has expanded into a love for all things sound.  While guitar and bass are the primary instruments for live performances, he is also very interested and passionate about live sound, recording, mixing and mastering studio music and teaching music. For him, there is nothing more exciting than the thrill of a live show or working with new people on different events to create long lasting memories for everyone involved.  He is forever grateful to be able to share his love for performing with willing audiences across the country.

Trevor Mooney

​Trevor Mooney is originally from Germantown, Maryland and has a passion for electric bass!  During his teenage years, Trevor spent his time performing regularly, writing music, and preparing to attend Berklee College of Music. In 2013, Trevor enrolled at Berklee where he met two friends he would later form a band with. After graduating in 2017, he relocated to the Chicago area to pursue music with that band. Trevor's favorite bands include the Grateful Dead, Yes, Bob Marley, and anything released by Motown. Recently, Trevor has played in numerous rock, folk, and bluegrass bands, performing around 100 shows a year.  In addition to performing, Trevor teaches music, at all levels, to students and bands.  His teaching focuses on learning songs, improvisation, and music theory for the practical musician. 

What the day will look like: 

10:00-11:00 Large group class taught by G Rae, Mike and Trevor

11:00-11:45 Workshop w/ Trevor Mooney

11:45-12:15 Lunch (provided) 

12:15-1:00 Workshop w/ Mike Morgan

1:00-1:45 Workshop w/ Georgia Rae

1:45-2:00 large group discussion



"Georgia Rae is a highly skilled musician and teacher . My daughter looks forward to her weekly music adventure. Her skill level continues to grow to next level playing ... learning theory, ear training, harmonies etc.. gaining confidence in her musical abilities. Always the encouraging, positive, fun loving atmosphere Georgia Rae creates for her students to explore, learn, create and play music is above and beyond."
-Diana, mother of Sam, age 15

“I thought it would not work out with Pablo because he was so little when he started violin lessons(just turned 4). Working with a little boy is not easy. But she made it work. With overflowing energy and intense love with the children, students, she helped him little by little to built up the passion inside him. ”
​-Anna, mother of Pablo, age 4

“Georgia is such a kind, patient, and loving presence to work with. Not only has my skill and knowledge improved since beginning lessons with her, my creativity has soared! She is a very fun and Inspiring teacher, non intimidating, and wonderfully encouraging. She teaches in a way that you are able to easily receive and internalize, and truly makes being a beginner an enjoyable experience.I feel like I’ve made a wonderful friend, and I look forward to my lesson every week!”
-Mariah, adult student

“Her beat is totally up. She cares for her students interests in violin enough to turn them into playing real music. Playing violin is as physical as it is mental with many components that all need to come together. I have to say that I had my doubts of learning how to play the violin. However, Georgia Rae moved me past these doubts and with good instruction and practice she showed me that I could play the violin. I give her many more stars that are allowed and if you knew her teaching style and her great personality you would too “
​-Deanna, adult student

Student Performances

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